Training and Placement.

We undertake to train the employees on various areas that our clients request us to do.

Training and Placement

Neoitservices offers the services of training and Placement to its clients. We understand the need for training and also explain the same to our clients thus suggesting them to train their employees before they are sent to actually work. By training the employees beforehand, the advantage is that they are already familiar with their job and thus the probability of them committing mistakes is reduced to a great extent.

Nowadays it can be noticed that the expectations of the customers are increasing day by day and it becomes very important that your employees are trained enough to cater to these increasing demands. In case your employees do not have sufficient training in handling the expectations of yoyr customers, it will reduce the brand image of your company. Thus, training your employees is imperative for your business to retain the existing customers and also create new customers. A well trained team of employees can help yiur business to achieve all the organizational goals and objectives.

How do we actually conduct training and placement?

Well our training and placement process is quite time consuming and systematic. We allot huge time on training the employees as we believe that a trained employee is less prone to committing mistakes. A very briefed down summary of our training and placement program is given below :

  • Identify the areas in which training is essential
    This is the first step of our training and placement program. Instead of training the employees blindly on all different areas we believe that we have to provide them training in the areas where they lack skills. Different individuals will be placed on different kinds of jobs and we train them accordingly. Also we run a check to see what are the areas where an individual already has enough expertise and the areas where they are poor at. The areas where they already have specialisation are polished and the areas where they are poor are improvised.

  • Know your trainees policy
    What makes Neoitservices special from other providers of training is that before we get started with training the employees we first analyse and assess the present capabilities of the trainees. We do this so that we can recognise where our trainees stand and carry forward accordingly.

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of trainees
    After knowing where our trainees stand, we conduct strength and weakness analysis and help our trainees in realising their core strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we will make sure that the strengths which the trainees already have is polished and the weaknesses is given more attention by trying to remove them or at least reduce them to the best possible extent.

  • Drawing a clear line of difference between personal and organisational objectives
    There is a clear difference between the goals of an organisation and the goals of an employee as an individual. Both are to be catered for simultaneously! It is not healthy for your organisation to have employees whose only focus is on personal goals realisation and thus we train them in balancing both of them simultaneously and effectively at the same time. None of them should be compromised upon. Neoitservices has unique way of explaining the difference to your employees that will convince them!