Best of our employees undertake to do this part of our services as this requires extensive technical knowledge. We follow " division of work " policy to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Gone are those days where people used to buy products or avail services only by physical purchases. Nowdays the emerging technologies, smart phones and various developments in the apps have totally blurred all the barriers that existed between the physical and virtual world. In order to shop now, we don't have to physically move around see! At the same time, the technology is so advanced today that even the training manuals are sent online that demonstrates how to use a particular product. A large chunk of customers are going for availing these online services and the sales that happen through online portals too are hitting sky! So if you have a business that is not having an excellent online presence and different kinds of augmented and Virtual reality apps, you are definitely missing out on that large crème of customers! Consider having augmented and Virtual reality apps to your business right now at Neoitservices!

What are the benefits for businesses from adopting augmented and Virtual reality?

1) Wide reach
Through offline sales you can only reach out to those customers who are at your arms length. But when you have virtual reality to your business, you can literally expand the geographical boundaries and reach tons of savvy customers. An excellent virtual reality to your business can attract your customers towards your products ot services. Now how to make the virtual reality of your business excellent? That's left to us! At Neoitservices, we have an experienced team that can build virtual reality to your business with smartest strategies!

2) Cut down in overheads expenses
Through virtual reality, your business can cut down a lot of overhead expenses like extra manpower, extra rent to be paid if you have ti open up a new branch etc. These overhead expenses can be cut down and this saved expenditure can be used elsewhere!

3) Aftersales solutions:
At Neoitservices, we build the virtual reality to your business in such a way that it also reflects the aftersales solutions of your company. An excellent business is one that can retain the existing customers. Existing customers can be retained only if your business has the potential to satisfy their after sales needs. They might have queries about your products and we will build a mechanism wherein they drop their queries and you can attend to them!

4) Increases brand loyalty
Augmented reality is not just about increasing sales. Through building an excellent mechanism by which customers can connect to you by leaving queries or giving feedback etc, you are constantly interacting with your customers that builds a brand loyalty for your business. These customers will be the first ones to endorse your products to their friends and families.

5) More room for marketing
Through augmented reality, you can market the new goods or services you are interested to provide on the online portals. This will become a platform for you to conduct marketing and spread brand awareness about your new arrivals to your customers.